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Thank you, feminists, for making men scared to commit and raising divorce rates along with having divorce favoring women: 
One by One Men Are catching On
Where did all the good men gone?

Thank you, feminists (specifically Anita Sarkeensian), for complaining about female roles in videos games, especially the damsel in distress, that really didn't bothered anyone, EXCEPT for feminists who think men was secretly oppressing them by using the fun little technology called video games. Also thank you for failing to realize that there's already serious females characters like Anya (Gears Of Wars), Bernadette (Gears of Wars), Samantha (Gears of Wars), Sonia (Resident Evil), Lara Croft(Tomb Raider) and so many others. Oh and thank you Anita for lying in the name of feminism---> Anita- BUSTED And another thing, whatever company or person makes a game with a helpless female or any female that you'll somehow find offensive, it's THEIR game. They worked hard to make it and they made it for to make money and express their ideas and stories. You can't just come along and tell them how it should be done when it was their idea in the first place. That's like forcing an artist to draw what others want despite their feelings and not what they want!

Thanks for making yourselves the laughing stock of A LOT of people, including other females---> Bill Mahrer vs Feminism and oh no, it does not upset men that they have do whatever you say or you'll yell sexism and take away everything from them just for having their opinions and their own minds and for being men. Oh and don't worry no man goes through the years of college and universities to get the jobs they deserved. They simply got the job because men are best pals and they're immediately going to get hired because of their gender instead of how they qualify for the job based on how much they studied for to get that job in the first place.

Thank you, feminists, for thinking your suppression is just as bad as the women in the Middle East.

Thank you for lying about feminism being about equality, yet only to embarrass yourselves later and people find out what you're really doing:

Feminist Gets Owned  This video also proves feminists can't stand the idea of men being happy because notice how things got tense when it was mentioned that men get happier as life goes on. Men are happy because they aren't married to a feminist holding them back and causing problems for him and they deserve it because they did nothing wrong, except broke the number one law in feminism, he was born a male.

Feminist Hypocripsy Oh and thank you for tricking girls into victimizing themselves even when the boy did absolutely NOTHING. Oh no, you're walking down the street and a man is checking you out and haven't laid one damn finger on you. Staring does not count as sexual harassment or assault. Unless he lays a hand on you and try to have his way with you that's sexual assault you can either scream and cry for help or literally knock his lights out. Also just because of this one man or a couple of others harassed you, you shouldn't say "All Men Are Pigs", grouping them together because guess what? All women are now considered bitches because of feminism.

Thank you, feminists, for thinking every female character from books to video games to movies represent you and is secretly oppressing you. Also thank you for crumbling America apart along with it's other issues:
Females Unhappy
Feminism A Lie

And most importantly thanks for ruining the true meaning of feminism. I saw a movie once where feminism had a reason to exist and had a reason to be needed. I even read stories on how brilliant women like Susan B. Anthony, Abigail Adams, Fredrick Douglass (a male who helped with the feminist movement in the early 1900s), and other brilliant feminist supporters helped women get treated like people and that was it. Now feminism is where feminists think they should treated like Goddesses, but a lot of help that did ya. A great woman who was a feminist herself (sorry can't remember her name at the moment), once said, "I don't ask women to control men, but to know how to control themselves."

I am a female myself and instead of blaming men for my problems I blamed myself. For example, I use to always allow African American males to talk to me anyway they wanted. They smacked my purse around, called me bitch, stalked me, and so much more. I was scared to speak back and just stayed quiet. Now I could of easily turned into a uptight female chauvinists like feminists and said, "All men are rapists and bullies!", but my friends convinced me to stand up to them. The day came when I actually told them how I felt about each and every one of them. I said my opinions about them so loud it could be heard down the whole hallway! After that rumors went around and basically their reputations was destroyed because of what I said. Not only that, they got called to the principal's office and here's the most shocking part. I would of never done ANY of that and none of that would of happened if it wasn't for my MALE friends. They taught me to say what's on my mind and don't be scared.

Now here comes the part where you sit there continue to pretend feminism represents equality when I supplied plenty of information and facts that prove it isn't. Also I've experience it first hand as a female, but this is another story. And if feminism really represented equality then why are men committing suicide, why are men making these videos and ranting, why are divorce rates going up, and why are feminist still basing things on feelings and not facts?! So I support equality without feminism being mentioned and friendly male dominance. Also just because I support male dominance I do not expect the man to do everything for me unless he wants to. If feminism was a woman who broke in our house and tried to kill my husband for being born a man and kill me for committing to a man instead of expecting him to fight for me, we would fight together, and if she has him trapped and tries to stab him or shoot him, like the human being I am I would gladly take the stab or bullet for him IF I had no other choice.

Also to finish this entry please men, stop mixing all of us females with feminists. It's sickening that you would compare innocent females, who had nothing to do with the issue, to the female creatures who create problems out of EVERYTHING. Just as it is sickening as that some feminists think every male is a rapist and secretly oppressing them. There are still enough females like us who don't mind a man being up top whether money-wise, size-wise, or anything-wise. The important thing is your are human just like me and we can live in harmony as long as one don't threaten the other.

If I hit you first, you have the right to hit me back because I hit you first. Blush If you're, the mood...then I might be in the mood and if not you can try to convince with some rough persuasion. I'm not going to get mad if you make the first move, but if I'm really not in the mood then try to be understanding. Anyway the idea is modern feminism threatened men and that's why we are like we are today, filled with disharmony and women becoming unhappy at the age 48 and as life goes on they become even more unhappier because they choose to be a feminist. I really hope this problem is resolved and you know what?...I have this feeling that Mick Romney should of won the election and all this would of been avoided....Please don't hold it against me.

If a feminist has oppressed you in anyway whether you are male or female please speak your mind. You are not alone and take any opportunity to fix this problem. I hope to help this problem resolve as well. If anything feminism is base on some different females who had a rough life and decided to take it out on men, taking the cheap way out and yell sexism instead of honorably working their way up like men had. Like a venomous snake they spread their poison to every woman, but they didn't get to all of us.
This piece of writing is based on what has been so far as the results of feminism in America. This took me awhile to piece all together, but I managed to get it just right. I have this feeling that there was actually nothing wrong with men being the dominant race before feminism came along and broke them down. If you ask me it was a feminist who made it seem like women were weak. Men didn't say a thing and if they did then just that one man or a couple would be considered jerks. That's it and you can move on with your life.

If you're a feminist who believe in equality then that's good, but there's too many bad feminists who think they're the good guys making feminism a good thing when really it's the worst thing to of ever came to Earth. Feminism right now is basically like a spoiled brat, the more you give to them the more they want more, more, more. Someone need to do this to them---> slap . I'm not saying this to be mean, but I am basically speaking the truth. If you scroll through the comments of the videos I provided you will literally see how people feel about feminism and how it's pushing men to their limits where they're literally going to back away when a girl says, "Feminism has done so much for us and...." The girl sees the guy is walking away and if she's a feminist she'll think she's being oppressed and not being heard just like this--->

I know this is going to sound corny, but believe it or not men and women need each other and me personally I have plenty of reasons why a man should be dominant, but not to the point where he's abusing the power. I'm not a super religious person, but sometimes my heart pounds to it's fullest whenever I remember the story of Adam giving up a rib to make Eve. I rather not go into detail why, but that's just the reaction I get from it.

Believe me the main concept that all women, including feminists, should realize is that men know we exist and know we are people. Otherwise, do you think they wouldn't of gone through with allowing feminism and allowing females to speak their minds? They could of easily gone Hitler on every last female and set an example of what happen if we rise against them, but no, they didn't. They just sat on a chair and heard what feminists had to say without laughing or mocking them. Now because of what feminism is doing some men are scared to get off that chair. :unimpressed: revamp Hey, thanks again feminism.

Please, feel free to share what you think in a rational way.

Also feel free to spread this journal and it's words on any website that you know is full of people who are tired of feminism. Just be sure to mention my username and mention I'm from deviantart. I really want this to get around and to prove that not females are on board with the feminist movement. Feminists complained about men being sexist YET now that things are beginning to reverse they are doing the same thing! So please spread the word.
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BreenBeans Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Men and women are like TF2 soldiers and demomen.  They're similar, but not identical, they both have different strengths and weaknesses, and no one is definitively superior to the other.
Tohokari-Steel Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
Yeah, it's stories like these that made me come to the conclusion that modern feminism is a bunch of people slamming their heads into desks while going "Duh, DAT SEXIST!" ad nauseam.
NessyWasHere Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
I love you for this...
I mean I love what the feminism did BACK then because they actually had a reason for it but now it's just ridiculous... Today's feminists give the word "feminism" a bad name. I'm a girl and it's sad that I- a GIRL thinks that... I also love how they try to make men be the bad guys all the time when females can play the same role too. They think getting more rights is going to change the man's "evil" thoughts, no matter how much they try, it's always going to be view the same. Gender equality and control are Completely Different from each other...
inkstaineddove Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Feminist who supports equal rights for men and women. I don't want men to die, I don't think they're pigs. I don't think they deserve harm. The only thing I think is that you don't understand actual feminism.
SargeantSweety Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Makes me glad I'm not interested in being a feminist...just gonna remain as a boring artist lol But seriously didnt think feminism would end up going as far as they did....sounds more like a gender invasion rather than equality
Garrulous-Sama Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
all i'm getting from this is you tried to get a girl and got rejected, then decided to blame it on feminism.
i'm not really a feminist, but i still believe in equality of genders. feminism isn't the idea of superiority of women, but rather, the equality of women. the really crazy straw feminists are the real problem, not feminism itself.
darkavengence Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
"all i'm getting from this is you tried to get a girl and got rejected, then decided to blame it on feminism."

...............You do realize I'm a female................right? Not only a female, but a heterosexual female.....Wow....I can't even form too many words right now on your first sentence so moving on....Feminism is a scam---> . You see feminism did use to mean equality, but now it's getting to the point where feminists feel as if they should belittle men and be treated special and quiet frankly everyone is getting tired of it, both men and women. By the way, I am not the only female against feminism because most of us along with men are starting to see what they're doing. Go to YouTube man, there are so many videos on how feminism is ruining America, degrading men, and so much more. Even articles are starting to write about feminism ruining America and I believe there is a change coming.

Oh and next time, literally go to front of my profile page to see my gender. Also I have a feeling you didn't read the whole journal because if you did you would of read the part where I gave my input as a female. Kay? Thanks.
MidnightUndead Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
To be perfectly honest, I really couldn't give a shit less who is in power as long as they are smart, fair and good at what they do. I think America will get its first female president as soon a fair and reasonable woman runs for the election. The problem isn't that men don't want to vote for a woman, its just that the only women who has really come close in recent years is Hilary Clinton, which most men probably wouldn't trust to run a McDonalds. If a woman who didn't insult men with every other word out of her mouth ever ran for the presidency I think she could win easily, especially if the male candidate was just another Barack or Bush. But if the choice is Hilary or a man... yeah, I think she has pissed off way too many men to get the male vote.

Most of the people in power these days (both men and women) abuse it so much that I think people would gladly vote in a dog or a cat if it could keep the country running. At least a cat or dog would only take bribes when they were hungry, not sell out to whatever gets them more power and more money at the cost of the taxpayers. But yeah, I agree with most of what you said here. Men and women are different, but both are equally important and couldn't survive without the other. I don't even think I'd really have a problem with feminism if it didn't go after men and treat them like the root of all evil. The only reason I even got interested in gender issues is because of the discrimination I've faced because of feminism and my desire to stop it. If feminists didn't attack men like they do I doubt most of us wouldn't even care what they did.
darkavengence Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
:nod: Understandable and you know what? I rather have Mitt for president now rather than Barack and hell, Bush is now sounding like a good thing compare to what Barack is doing. And you know what? He's screwing up so bad that there's a rumor going around saying he might get impeached, not because he's black because he screwed up royally by breaking some policies! I support Democracy but you know what?...I'm slowly beginning to think we need a Republican president just for a few years or more because Democracy at the moment isn't helping. Also I was going to go far for Hilary at one point, but I'm beginning to think she isn't the best choice either.

Thank you for reading this and by the way here is the true intentions of feminism---> The second video reveals a whole lot more and it makes you wanna say about every feminist, "Those dirty, lying little bitches!" Other than making men obsolete they're making love obsolete as well and as much as I have trouble saying this most of the time, but the world DOES need love just like men and women need each other. Also dude, feminism has hurt me too because one time I told a group of girls I prefer equality and patriarchy (please, please don't judge I have my reasons) and by I didn't mention matriarchy or feminism like cats they scratched me up with insults. They even called me a traitor of my own gender.

So now we all got to sit here and hope all this can be fixed...Feminism bothered me so much for the first time in 9 years I fell to my knees and prayed for God to help us fix this. I know a lot of people are turning to atheism these days, but some of us need some hope....
MidnightUndead Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry to hear about your troubles, but they really don't surprise me. Feminism has hurt tons of women as well as men and doesn't even have a problem with hurting children if it means more power for their ideology. Its almost funny how many times they've shot themselves in the foot over their greed and pride. I don't think they even consider how their actions negatively impact their reputation anymore, they just keep spouting the same tired old lies and false information.

I mean, I didn't even really take notice of feminism until it got to a point were I just could no longer justify their sexist ideals or tolerate their blantant bigotry when it came to men and boys. Honestly, if they hadn't abused their power and influence and at least didn't actively hate on men I don't think they'd be as ridiculed as they are now. It's a shame, but they took their chance to do some real good and pissed it away for personal benefits and power. My main concern these days isn't that the MHRM will be silenced or ignored (it keeps getting stronger each day) but that the MHRM will one day become just like feminism.

I don't think that will ever happen, but it still makes me worried. You never know how much people will lust for power until it its given to them and a lot of people gladly run it into the ground for their own selfish gain. After all the hard work people like Girlwriteswhat, Paul Elam and Dean Esmay have done I'd hate to see the movement tainted by the same sins that destroyed feminism. Still, I have faith that the integrity of the MHRM will one day outshine the slander and lies piled against it and help insure equality for everyone, men and women.
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