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Thank you, feminists, for making men scared to commit and raising divorce rates along with having divorce favoring women: 
One by One Men Are catching On
Where did all the good men gone?

Thank you, feminists (specifically Anita Sarkeensian), for complaining about female roles in videos games, especially the damsel in distress, that really didn't bothered anyone, EXCEPT for feminists who think men was secretly oppressing them by using the fun little technology called video games. Also thank you for failing to realize that there's already serious females characters like Anya (Gears Of Wars), Bernadette (Gears of Wars), Samantha (Gears of Wars), Sonia (Resident Evil), Lara Croft(Tomb Raider) and so many others. Oh and thank you Anita for lying in the name of feminism---> Anita- BUSTED And another thing, whatever company or person makes a game with a helpless female or any female that you'll somehow find offensive, it's THEIR game. They worked hard to make it and they made it for to make money and express their ideas and stories. You can't just come along and tell them how it should be done when it was their idea in the first place. That's like forcing an artist to draw what others want despite their feelings and not what they want!

Thanks for making yourselves the laughing stock of A LOT of people, including other females---> Bill Mahrer vs Feminism and oh no, it does not upset men that they have do whatever you say or you'll yell sexism and take away everything from them just for having their opinions and their own minds and for being men. Oh and don't worry no man goes through the years of college and universities to get the jobs they deserved. They simply got the job because men are best pals and they're immediately going to get hired because of their gender instead of how they qualify for the job based on how much they studied for to get that job in the first place.

Thank you, feminists, for thinking your suppression is just as bad as the women in the Middle East.

Thank you for lying about feminism being about equality, yet only to embarrass yourselves later and people find out what you're really doing:

Feminist Gets Owned  This video also proves feminists can't stand the idea of men being happy because notice how things got tense when it was mentioned that men get happier as life goes on. Men are happy because they aren't married to a feminist holding them back and causing problems for him and they deserve it because they did nothing wrong, except broke the number one law in feminism, he was born a male.

Feminist Hypocripsy Oh and thank you for tricking girls into victimizing themselves even when the boy did absolutely NOTHING. Oh no, you're walking down the street and a man is checking you out and haven't laid one damn finger on you. Staring does not count as sexual harassment or assault. Unless he lays a hand on you and try to have his way with you that's sexual assault you can either scream and cry for help or literally knock his lights out. Also just because of this one man or a couple of others harassed you, you shouldn't say "All Men Are Pigs", grouping them together because guess what? All women are now considered bitches because of feminism.

Thank you, feminists, for thinking every female character from books to video games to movies represent you and is secretly oppressing you. Also thank you for crumbling America apart along with it's other issues:
Females Unhappy
Feminism A Lie

And most importantly thanks for ruining the true meaning of feminism. I saw a movie once where feminism had a reason to exist and had a reason to be needed. I even read stories on how brilliant women like Susan B. Anthony, Abigail Adams, Fredrick Douglass (a male who helped with the feminist movement in the early 1900s), and other brilliant feminist supporters helped women get treated like people and that was it. Now feminism is where feminists think they should treated like Goddesses, but a lot of help that did ya. A great woman who was a feminist herself (sorry can't remember her name at the moment), once said, "I don't ask women to control men, but to know how to control themselves."

I am a female myself and instead of blaming men for my problems I blamed myself. For example, I use to always allow African American males to talk to me anyway they wanted. They smacked my purse around, called me bitch, stalked me, and so much more. I was scared to speak back and just stayed quiet. Now I could of easily turned into a uptight female chauvinists like feminists and said, "All men are rapists and bullies!", but my friends convinced me to stand up to them. The day came when I actually told them how I felt about each and every one of them. I said my opinions about them so loud it could be heard down the whole hallway! After that rumors went around and basically their reputations was destroyed because of what I said. Not only that, they got called to the principal's office and here's the most shocking part. I would of never done ANY of that and none of that would of happened if it wasn't for my MALE friends. They taught me to say what's on my mind and don't be scared.

Now here comes the part where you sit there continue to pretend feminism represents equality when I supplied plenty of information and facts that prove it isn't. Also I've experience it first hand as a female, but this is another story. And if feminism really represented equality then why are men committing suicide, why are men making these videos and ranting, why are divorce rates going up, and why are feminist still basing things on feelings and not facts?! So I support equality without feminism being mentioned and friendly male dominance. Also just because I support male dominance I do not expect the man to do everything for me unless he wants to. If feminism was a woman who broke in our house and tried to kill my husband for being born a man and kill me for committing to a man instead of expecting him to fight for me, we would fight together, and if she has him trapped and tries to stab him or shoot him, like the human being I am I would gladly take the stab or bullet for him IF I had no other choice.

Also to finish this entry please men, stop mixing all of us females with feminists. It's sickening that you would compare innocent females, who had nothing to do with the issue, to the female creatures who create problems out of EVERYTHING. Just as it is sickening as that some feminists think every male is a rapist and secretly oppressing them. There are still enough females like us who don't mind a man being up top whether money-wise, size-wise, or anything-wise. The important thing is your are human just like me and we can live in harmony as long as one don't threaten the other.

If I hit you first, you have the right to hit me back because I hit you first. Blush If you're, the mood...then I might be in the mood and if not you can try to convince with some rough persuasion. I'm not going to get mad if you make the first move, but if I'm really not in the mood then try to be understanding. Anyway the idea is modern feminism threatened men and that's why we are like we are today, filled with disharmony and women becoming unhappy at the age 48 and as life goes on they become even more unhappier because they choose to be a feminist. I really hope this problem is resolved and you know what?...I have this feeling that Mick Romney should of won the election and all this would of been avoided....Please don't hold it against me.

If a feminist has oppressed you in anyway whether you are male or female please speak your mind. You are not alone and take any opportunity to fix this problem. I hope to help this problem resolve as well. If anything feminism is base on some different females who had a rough life and decided to take it out on men, taking the cheap way out and yell sexism instead of honorably working their way up like men had. Like a venomous snake they spread their poison to every woman, but they didn't get to all of us.
This piece of writing is based on what has been so far as the results of feminism in America. This took me awhile to piece all together, but I managed to get it just right. I have this feeling that there was actually nothing wrong with men being the dominant race before feminism came along and broke them down. If you ask me it was a feminist who made it seem like women were weak. Men didn't say a thing and if they did then just that one man or a couple would be considered jerks. That's it and you can move on with your life.

If you're a feminist who believe in equality then that's good, but there's too many bad feminists who think they're the good guys making feminism a good thing when really it's the worst thing to of ever came to Earth. Feminism right now is basically like a spoiled brat, the more you give to them the more they want more, more, more. Someone need to do this to them---> slap . I'm not saying this to be mean, but I am basically speaking the truth. If you scroll through the comments of the videos I provided you will literally see how people feel about feminism and how it's pushing men to their limits where they're literally going to back away when a girl says, "Feminism has done so much for us and...." The girl sees the guy is walking away and if she's a feminist she'll think she's being oppressed and not being heard just like this--->

I know this is going to sound corny, but believe it or not men and women need each other and me personally I have plenty of reasons why a man should be dominant, but not to the point where he's abusing the power. I'm not a super religious person, but sometimes my heart pounds to it's fullest whenever I remember the story of Adam giving up a rib to make Eve. I rather not go into detail why, but that's just the reaction I get from it.

Believe me the main concept that all women, including feminists, should realize is that men know we exist and know we are people. Otherwise, do you think they wouldn't of gone through with allowing feminism and allowing females to speak their minds? They could of easily gone Hitler on every last female and set an example of what happen if we rise against them, but no, they didn't. They just sat on a chair and heard what feminists had to say without laughing or mocking them. Now because of what feminism is doing some men are scared to get off that chair. :unimpressed: revamp Hey, thanks again feminism.

Please, feel free to share what you think in a rational way.

Also feel free to spread this journal and it's words on any website that you know is full of people who are tired of feminism. Just be sure to mention my username and mention I'm from deviantart. I really want this to get around and to prove that not females are on board with the feminist movement. Feminists complained about men being sexist YET now that things are beginning to reverse they are doing the same thing! So please spread the word.
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MarvelscaleMilotic Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm a left-winged, 20 year old Dutch guy who believes that everyone is equal. I'll gladly support the feminists who stand for equality, where "feminism" is interchangable with "equalism" or "humanism". But I'll never support radical feminism, since that's just sexist against men.

My sister recently turned into a radical feminist, here are some quotes of her that really hurt:
- "Sexism against men doesn't exist."
- "Men are not allowed to joke about women, but there's nothing wrong with women making sexist jokes about men."
- "All men demand perfect girls who fit the perfect body image 100%."
- "All men are sexist."

Well, this is how I tried countering it, but she said "you don't take me seriously", and said "if you don't agree with me, you're a sexist"...
- Sexism against men exists, radical types like my sister prove that: they believe they are allowed to judge men just for being men, and that's exactly what sexism is: judging people based on their gender.
- Well, I believe that either both genders can joke about the other gender, or can't. Then, there's real equality. Women being allowed to joke but men not being allowed to is sexism. What I believe is that both genders should be able to do some small teasy jokes about the other gender, but any joke that takes it too far is something I consider offensive, whether it's about men or women.
- I fell in love with my girlfriend based on her personality, before even knowing what she looked like. We met on a Pokemon forum, we started talking without exchanging pictures. I was already in love with her before seeing a picture of her. I won't deny that my girlfriend is extremely hot, but if she would've had a less nice smile or less big boobies, I would've still been in love with her. Her personality is why I fell for her. And don't some girls demand "perfect guys"? Some women demand a guy to be muscular, demand that he's manly, demand him to not believe in gender roles, but still expect him to pay on every single date. Personally, I believe every individual is entitled to his/her own preferences. There's nothing wrong with liking curvy women, or chivalrous men, everyone has preferences and that's fine.
- Well, she makes a generalisation about all men. Yes, there are many sexist men, mostly in 3rd world countries and in religious societies, but plenty of atheist, western men believe in equality. At least, I do, and I know I'm not the only one. And let's not deny that there are also sexist women, a quick Google search proves it. And my sister is a sexist woman herself.

I love my girlfriend and my (female) best friend. They're the best people on the planet, and are women. I buy them gifts and treat them with respect because I love them, not because it's my gender role as a chivalrous man. I'd never expect them to conform to gender roles, and they also don't expect me to. My girlfriend and BFF believe in equality too, which also means they don't believe in radical feminism. Instead, they support equality.
lidsworth Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I Love this! It's awesome! Thank you! 
Vermouth1991 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
Hi darkavengence, i stumbled into this entry while searching the keywords "Anita Sarkeesian". I live on another continent on another hemisphere and I never played any games newer or complex-er than Red Alert (the WWIII war game), so this whole GameGate business has been as far removed from me as possible, I only knew of it from a podcast I've been listening called Anglo-Filles. Please tell me if I'm getting it right: Anita's been presenting some rather flawed arguments about Feminism in her Youtube clips (not to mention disabling her comment section), but from some really disturbed haters she's gotten some really disproportionally f@£ked-up death-threats and rape-threats. The tragedy of it all is that no one really deserved this kind of "feedback", and because she's really become a victim of this rampant sexism, it's pretty much impossible and inappropriate to discuss the flaws in her original videos anymore. 
Sorry for the late reply and yes Anita has been presenting flawed arguements and cherry picked most of her information. Not only that, but somehow manages to cleverly try to make the Gamergate look bad by saying they were the ones who sent threats to her, when it's been proven time and time again that it wasn't them. Right now, somehow her sorry ass manage to once again trick everyone along with Brianna Wu. These ladies are nothing, but Con-artists and if you want to know more about Gamergate and how Anita arguments are flawed I would suggest Thunderf00t, TheAmazingAtheist, and definitely MudaneMatt.

Not only that, but there are so many videos that disproves her arguments in many ways. She says women are not taken seriously in the gaming industry or in video games, but we already are. Also she was the one along with corrupt who called everyone in the gaming community a misogynist white cis gender male. I am a female gamer and I am black. Does it sound fair to call everyone a misogynist white cis gender male base on assumptions and not proofs an facts? No? Then that's the problem here. The fact that feminist and social justice warriors like Anita would go so far in lying just to get their way is very sickening.

As for the death threats and rape threats I assure if you listen to MudaneMatts videos you will know that no one in GamerGate has sent her threats. And if they did people on GamerGate would disown that person and look for factual proof on how that person might not be on their side. Other than that, yes, Anita does not deserve that kind of feedback, but what she does deserve is a good debate and that fact no one on her side has done that shows that there is an agenda going on here.

tl;dr? Do not completely trust Anita or any social justice warrior (SJW). Some of her videos made good points, but some were literally too cherry-picked and falsely assumed about. When people criticize her in the most logical way her and her followers call it being misogynistic? Did you hear that? It's misogynistic to share what we think. Don't that sound odd to you?
Vermouth1991 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Terms like "misogynist" are being used way too freely these days, so much that when stuff of severe magnitude such as this happened (and I actually do believe those death threats are genuine) I'm almost hesitant to label the perpetrators "misogynist" anymore. 
Vermouth1991 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
(i'm speaking dreadfully impartial here, because I just can't get enough info to decide who's to believe) This whole mess really boils down to this: The women in question might be guilty of making skewered arguments or sleeping with male reviews in exchange for positive reviews, BUT even if those negative charges all stick that does not entail the very violent death/rape threats, so it really hinges on your claim that "the threats aren't made by the 4chan-ers" to be true, or else it doesn't matter how skewered or shady Anita or Zoe Quinn went in their own dealings, they'll be indisputable victims of male chauvinism and misogyny, because death/rape threats totally trump what they'd allegedly done (which is more on the lines of work misconduct) and was in no way what they deserve because it's many-years-of-jail-worthing kind of illegal. Although I have a gut feeling that the death threats are really true and from those guys, this is still not me refuting your own claims, because i did no research of my own. 

Thank you for responding, even though I have the uneasy feeling that you're mistaken about the death and rape threats. 
Kandycraze Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Student Photographer
I'm just thinking that perhaps you don't see the difference between feminISM and femiNAZI. I'm a feminist, but almost all of my friends are guys. I don't think they're pigs. To me, there are PEOPLE who are, but not just guys. And the whole video game thing, a lot of feminazi's are into that, but for me personally, I don't care. Certain games, I would like there to be an option for real armor (vs. the whole metal bikini thing) but that's my only real complaint beyond the basic guys saying girls can't play, etc., which you can't blame the creators for. I don't want new laws and such. Majority of us don't. We want SOCIETY to change simply in how it looks at women. We don't want to be in charge. We don't necessarily want a woman to be in charge. We just want a smart woman who's capable to have the chance to be if she is willing to work for it, just like a man. Think of it like this. We don't want women on a pedestal above men. We don't want men on a pedestal above women. We want a table where we can sit as equals and talk. A LOT of women go over board, but they are the minority. The point of feminism is to NOT be about men. It's about women being empowered by ourselves to be who we are. To be strong. To be allowed to love who we are without having anyone else, man or women or society tell us different. Sounds like you spend a bit much time on 4chan and the like rather than talking to and trying to understand the average feminist.
darkavengence Featured By Owner Edited Oct 7, 2014
First of all, please use paragraphs! I don't like reading stocks of text, but lucky for you this came up short in my message box. Now tell me how, may I ask, you're male friends was tricked into being feminists? If they don't mind being feminists, that's fine, but you do how people like me see them, don't you? Let's say it's not good and most of time they will be avoided.

Also what guy or guys told you girls can't play video games? If they did, then they are simply jerks, so don't let them get to you. Besides I've met plenty of guys who don't mind girls playing video games, but what they don't like is putting up with an emotional girl on video game systems. In other words anything they say, they'll take it to an ultimate offense and turn into such a drama queen. I would know because that use to me until I realize, "Oh my God, I was acting like such a child!"

"We want SOCIETY to change simply in how it looks at women"
This will happen when you guys stop playing the victim and manipulating people into getting your way and nagging people to death. Also if you want to be taken seriously then break out of stereotypes without hurting others who accidentally happen to be them or are happy just the way they are. Also stand on your own feet, stop letting meaningless things get to you, stop blaming others, and prove people wrong without being bossy or control freaks. Yeah, I'm a girl and I said it, "Bossy!" Because when you demand something and use lack of manners prepare to get destroyed by the one word that bothers you so much instead of learning from your own mistakes you blame it on others.

For example, feminists have a problem with women choosing to be submissive and ignoring their so called good advice, so to further themselves they say male aggression cause submissiveness in women which is a straight up lie! It's our choice, not theirs! The fact feminists would go far into lying and making false assumptions to get their way is the fact why people look down at them.

Also women do have the chance to be in charge, it's just feminists want to be in charge without doing any hard work, which is lazy. Basically feminists are asking for privileges which once again makes you look lazy. You want equality, but refuse to accept the obstacles and responsibility that comes with it. You want things to be set up easy for you to get your way to the top quicker and easier without gaining good experience and lessons.

"It's about women being empowered by ourselves to be who we are. To be strong. To be allowed to love who we are without having anyone else, man or women or society tell us different. Sounds like you spend a bit much time on 4chan and the like rather than talking to and trying to understand the average feminist."
You are literally free to be strong and love who you are, especially in America because no one is stopping you, but you let your self-esteem and other people's words get to you and as usual you start playing the victim and blaming others for your short comings. Also I do not know a lot about this 4chan; I've heard rumors of it, but never been up there. Let me tell you something, princess, I am not the one. Got me? So don't even go there with me because I've done my research and seen the stuff feminists are trying to promote and it's disgusting and unconstitutional. The only feminist who seems to be in my favor is Christina Sommers because at least she's willing to mention the problems feminism is creating for men and knows women are the most liberated gender in America.

Oh and by the way here--->… Female empowerment according to an actual feminist is to hurt and put down men. Oh yeah, I'm definitely becoming a feminist now. NOT! Take your soap operas to the Lifetime channel.
Kandycraze Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Student Photographer
Ok, first, we don't want to be the victim. We want to simply be allowed to be strong on our own. No one "tricked" my friends into being feminists. They've just seen enough happening to make that decision on their own. They also to be some of the most well liked people in my work and school. As to "having a problem with women being submissive", if a woman chooses to be submissive, good for her. Let her be whoever she wants to be. Stereotypes? Forget them. Stereotypes just lead to people fighting. If you want to be that way and it happens be stereotypical, do whatever makes you happy, sweetie. That's my point. But men occasionally expect women to be. No. It's that simple. Do you see what I did there? It's called letting her decide, rather than just expecting it.

I come from a history of mental and emotional abuse. To my father, women and girls are scum. Here simply for breeding and cleaning and cooking. Oh, you want to be something more? Nope. Not allowed. Until I moved out, I was ASHAMED of being a female. His entire family was like that. Our community was like that. That's why I'm a feminist because no one should ever be ashamed of your gender.

Now, women being in charge. My mom works as an assistant manager at her job. There is a man who also works the exact same position, same number of hours. He was hired after her. He has been written up multiple times for showing up late or drunk while the only thing she has ever been written up for not calling in once (which was because she didn't have a phone at the time). He get's paid $1.25 more per hour than her for the same work. My mother is a hard worker who ends up doing overtime for her girls almost every day. How is that laziness?

In America, yes we are legally able to be strong, but society doesn't treat it that way. A guy is promiscuous, he's great. A girl? She's just a slut. Yes, there is bossy women. There are also bossy guys. A girl tries to call a guy out on being bossy, 9 times out of 10, you have an "attitude problem". You're judging an entire movement based on these things. That's like judging an entire religion for it's extremists.

Most of us have no issue with men in general. They're people, just like us. Most of are great. It's the ones who can't respect women that the issue is with. Or the blaming the victim in abuse. A friend of mine was raped, but you know what the police said? "Oh you were wearing that? Well, don't you think you were kind of asking for it?" The guy never even went to court. They blamed her for wearing a low cut top. Oh, but there's not need for feminism, huh? Because wearing something that you like makes it ok if someone rapes you.

You say you've done your research, but it seems you should try the other end of the spectrum. There is an extremist side to nearly everything, and that is the only side you seem acknowledge.
darkavengence Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
You are allowed to be strong on your own and you can do this by making yourself independent and if a guy wants you to be submissive to him you have the right to say no and leave him. But then you got girls like me who are submissive or or don't mind it and from the side you got independent women glaring at us in anger because they can't stand that men are attracted more to us. I had feminists attacked me when I told them I didn't mind being submissive, but the healthy kind, not unhealthy kind. They must not of heard that because they were too busy flaring up when I said the word "submissive". But, somehow, if you respect that and you're a feminist then congratulations you're the first who I met that's like that. I just don't like how feminists talk down to me and make me feel less than a human just because I don't fit their ideals.

Now I'll admit what your father put your through was entirely horrible and I'm sorry he put you through that. Now as for your mother being paid less than this man, well that sounds like a lawsuit right there. Unless he was somehow given a raise, but I will not make that assumption. Also when I said feminists are lazy, I meant how they want to take easy street to get up top because of their gender, but look how that turned out with the White House intruder. Which is why I think if feminists want substantial jobs they have to gain the skills for it instead of demanding for special treatment.

Also trust me, not everyone find a promiscuous guy great because they're only going to regret it later. Trust me and the same is for the other way around. I'm not sure where you live at, but down here when a guy is known for cheating a lot he gets avoided by girls with common sense. Also yes there will be guys who praise him for it, but that's because they are immature boys and one day they're going have to mature and face reality. To put this clear when you lack manners when making a demand then yes you still will come across as bossy whether a male or female.

As for your friend, yes, she has the right to take that rapist to court, but she should watch what kind of attention she will attract if she wears something appealing. Before you get the wrong impression I'm not saying she deserved it! She just need to watch what she wears and whatever a girl wears will somehow turn on a guy. For example, when I was in school a lot of people, especially guys, didn't know I had huge, thick legs until a special day came up in the school where everyone was allowed to wear jeans. I wore skinny jeans and guess what happened? I got A LOT of attention from the guys and quite honestly I was flattered. So you see how certain things can cause boys eyes to turn when you walk by? But when guys get carried way to the point where they feel as if that girl is asking for it, then yes, there is a problem.

I'm sorry to say this, but until the "extreme" feminists are gone, I can't find myself trusting feminism. Also like I said the only feminist I trust is Christina Sommers.
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