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Ultimate proof that feminism is making it's way into suppressing men just for being born a male!

You have no idea how shocking and alarming this is! All this is happening all over stereotypes and lies of feminists. I had a feeling modern feminism was literally going to get close to doing something like this. I urge you to spread the word of this and speak up and stand against feminism. You can start by stop believing that feminism is equality because in this day and time it isn't anymore. Feminists are starting war with men just for being born men. Feminism needs to come to an end and not only do I know it, but so do a lot of other people including females like me in America!

EDIT: Oh look! Another video that proves how feminism wronged both genders!
Can you believe this?....I never imagined things would go this far. Feminists clearly said they weren't sexist, yet look at what they done! If you look at the video you will see this is a movement that's trying to help you, especially if you are a male. If you spread word of this you can get more and more people interested in helping this movement stop feminism from making every male in the US from living in fear.
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CourtneyElizaDiena Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student General Artist
I don't usually comment on anything but not every person is the same. Not every woman is the same. Not every man is the same. Everyone is different; with different views, talents and thinking regardless of gender. It is wrong to suppress, belittle and harm each other. We are all just Human beings. That being said: Not every feminist is the same and not all of them want to suppress and outdo men at everything. I call myself a feminist and will continue to do so. The definition of feminism started out as: "The belief that women are equal to men". People over time have warped things and used it to fit their own selfish viewpoints and actions. But not everyone has done that. Society discriminates against both men and women. Society has sexist views towards both genders in how they should be, look and act. I am kind and respectful towards everyone and I take the time to understand people instead of blaming them or shaming them. Instead of blaming one group or a specific individual, one should look at their society and then the rest of the world as a whole, along with history to find the real root of the problem. This constant hating and blaming each other does no good for anyone. People are shaped as individuals by the environment, culture and family they grow up in and then they change and are shaped more by the experiences they go through as they grow older and move to different places and meet different kinds of people. There are always reasons why people become the way they are and think the things they do. Instead of taking the time to be kind to one another and trying to understand each other and form a solution together for the wrong brought about to men and women in society; all people seem to do is get easily offended towards one another and start fighting with each other. Women hating and blaming men. Men blaming and hating women. Why not just try to do something about the bad apples in both genders? The root of the problem with sexism is society itself. Instead of bitching and complaining about feminism not helping men, why not just focus on improving and helping give voice to groups that shed light on the sexism society has on how men should act and be? There should be more men's rights groups that women could join as well (there are men feminists btw). Those groups, instead of spreading hate and blaming feminism, should just focus on all the wrongs towards men that have been committed by society itself. Feminism was not made to help men but to help push women to the equal standing of men in society because back then they weren't considered of equal standing and in other countries, they are still not considered equal to men. A lot of women have misused feminism but not every woman are like the ones you are complaining about. I respect both genders and am always there when someone needs my help. I have my own money and buy guys gifts because I care for them and enjoy seeing them happy and they do the same for me. Even though I have been wronged by men, I still can love a guy and I don't blame every guy for what a few have done to me. What people need to realize is NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME. I am getting so sick of all the hate and ignorance people keep spreading and I am getting sick of people being like "why do all women yada yada" and the "why do all men yada yada". Fact is there is no ALL. Its just a mass of bad ignorant individuals treating other people like shit and being disrespectful towards them as human beings. Men have wronged women and have done terrible things throughout history. Women too, have also wronged men and have done terrible things themselves. We are actually the same and it does no good to keep bitching at each other and blaming one another. It does no good to say stop feminism when there are young girls and women still in other countries who are being oppressed and treated inhumanely. Why not just join with the good feminists and weed out all the bad nazi-feminists and help to diminish their ranks by changing people's minds who have that kind of hateful mind-set? While at that, we could also help get rid of all the pointless gender stereotypes in the process. People should inform and point out all the wrongs of both sexes, instead of all the hateful bitterness in thinking that everyone is that way that is just causing people more problems. Instead of a movement to stop feminism, how about a movement that dedicates itself to teaching people how to respect each other and treat each other with kindness. A movement that informs everyone of the harms sexism and gender stereotypes have done and how to change them. One gender cannot exist without the other (literally). People need to realize that and start treating each other with equal respect. 
AllstuffCombustable Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student General Artist
I...was unsure whether or not to comment on this, but seeing that people are sharing their opinions, I might as well.

I thought feminism was the equality of all genders and races, not just equality towards men and women.  It's not just toward women.  I feel that the video (the second video) is just too biased.  I'm not sure, I'm listening to it as I type this.  I have seen oppression towards men, but not for being born men.  I saw it because they were being too aggressive or crude towards women, constantly harrassing them.  I haven't seen any opression towards me for just being born men.  Feminism is simply trying to help all races and genders/sexes to have equal rights.
Yes, women are hitting children.  Yes, women are the vast majority of jobs that do involve caring of children.  But you know what?  Men do hit children.  Men also have jobs involving children.  But-not all men, I understand that.  Not all women, I understand that as well.  Feminism may be a broken act, but it is recovering as more and more people are being informed.

Not all men are the bad guy-we understand that.  But how can you be so sure?  On the first date?  The second?  Third?  After you're married??  The reason why women are so wary or cautious or blocked out towards men is because they can never be too sure.  Most rapes/sexual abuse/harrassment on women are done by men, if not all.  We're afraid to walk down the street to buy a freaking soda.  My cousin couldn't even go to the library because she was followed by a man she had been repeatedly turning down, yet he still prevailed.

I understand men are not the problem.  No, it's men and woman not being educated right.  They do not respect the opposite gender/sex and are degrading them down to a point where they are just a sack of...human.  Sexual objectification and such is a huge problem, as this degrades a person down to it's sole existence only for sex.

A woman makes less than half of the amount of money as a man, even if they are in the same rank/job.  It doesn't make sense. This is the kind of equalilty feminism hopes to achieve.  

Yes, divorce is incredibily harsh on a man.  But have you considered the main reason for the divorce?  Many woman escape domestic violence through divorce, taking their children with them.  

Men are not tyrants.  Women are not tyrants.  None of these genders/sexes are the problem.

There.  Ooo I said it.  I'm a feminist and I'm proud.  Forgive me if some of my arguements are incorrect.  I do a lot of research, but one can never know everything.
darkavengence Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
Tell me name one good thing feminism has done for men if it's about equality? If you can't then this is why people like me are speaking up and saying something. You talking the videos being biased, but you just said,"Most rapes/sexual abuse/harassment on women are done by men, if not all." News flash, a boy right now is suing a school for falsely accusing him of rape without allowing him to defend himself or without good evidence. Guess who got him in the situation? Two girls, who teamed up together just to make him look bad. Feminism is making it so where certain spiteful girls can take advantage.

If anything I'm literally beginning to see the feminist movement full of paranoid, bitter women, both young and old, who make bad judgement on every guy based on what another guy did or a couple. Also when you said this---> "No, it's men and woman not being educated right. ", you're making it sound like those of us who are against it are stupid. And that is why I'm not falling for it anymore. Feminists had lowered themselves to mud-slinging just to make a point and if you don't agree with them they'll do it some more. Until I hear an actual feminist did something nice for a man who did completely nothing wrong to her I might change my mind, but until then I will hold onto my beliefs just as you will hold onto your no matter what I tell you.

As a female myself I had a couple of guys who were mean to me and, yes, I was stalked by a guy myself, but that's what make other boys who are actually good so good to me because they outshine the bad ones. Instead of being paranoid and letting guys who hurt me judge others I talked to the guy or allow guys to talk to me because I found him interesting and when I noticed he was different that's how our friendship is formed and eventually leads to more like being best friends or forming a relationship.

Also honestly I really don't care if a guy is getting paid more than me. As long as I'm doing what I love it feels like I'm not working a day in my life. Also I have a piggy bank full of pennies, which I enjoy collecting without bringing down a guy who I see with a paycheck. One time a guy did better than me on a test. He had an A plus and I had a C minus and instead of getting mad, that motivated me to get better. Not to get better than him, but better for myself. A person once said, "You have to learn how to make yourself happy instead of forcing others to make you happy." And over the years I got pleasure out of making my own self happy and in the process I impressed both boys and girls (except for a couple of girls who bullied me because of the attention I was getting) with the confidence I had in myself. Believe it or not, but confidence can wonderfully make a girl very attractive, but when she's continuously nagging a guy he avoids her. Trust me, I know because I use to be that nag.

By the way, domestic violence does not only happen to women, it's happen to men too and the fact any feminist hasn't done anything about it or mentioned it is why I've lost interest in believing anymore. Now please, I really don't want an argument, I'm telling things from my point of view just as well as you did. I would go further, but I do not want another feminist trying to challenge me just because I refuse to see her views of life. I'm happy the way I am without feminism because I never felt suppressed in anyway by a guy. If you ask me rational feminism is needed in the Middle East more than our country.

One more thing, feminists CAN'T speak for every female and that's why females like me are speaking up.
AllstuffCombustable Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Okay, no argument.  You make very good points, so thanks for enlightening me.  As you said before, we both have very different views on the situation at hand.  There are many sides to this, so I'll respect yours and not say anything else.
AliceSacco Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
One day we will hear about a terrorist organization where all members are woman, and we we'll have no doubt about their identity.
SilentRisingSun Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Her mentioning of the "honey badger don't give a shit" thing made me chuckle.
darkavengence Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
O_o She said that?! Lovely Shoujo (Spy) [V] Well that's pretty cool. I really hope her and everyone that's fighting this have this problem resolved. Even certain writers from famous magazines like Time Magazine are starting to notice the damage feminism is doing.
sethlolz Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
I watched the entire video and found it very educational. I also found it to be... what's the word I'm looking for... rousing, I suppose. It makes me want to get more involved. It makes me want to help to put a stop to feminism even more than I already did.

I also like the story at the end about how the honeybadgers got their name. :lol: I'm glad she added that in.
darkavengence Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
I'm glad it inspired you more than me and yet there are still feminists going around saying, "Feminism is for equality" and me and the others are saying, "Then why are men complaining? Where's your proof that every man is the bad guy?" If anything I really do believe that feminism use to mean equality, in fact I find that it use to be that sacred powerful object that was pass from time to time when it was needed until the wrong person or better yet people got their hands on it and now they broke the sacredness of that object. Saddening....
CrimsonFALKE Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I’m so sorry I stopped to watch tv for a few seconds. This dumb woman asked “why do men always have to solve the problem? Why can’t they just shut their mouth and let the woman talk?”

I didn’t stick around for the answer.See it’s women like that that make men hate women and the thought of having to spend the rest of their lives with them. Maybe it’s because more than half the time women don’t know what they’re talking about. And let’s say a man does shut his mouth and let’s the woman talk. Let’s say he goes along with her solution. Guess what happens if the solution is wrong? She takes no responsibility and all the blame of failure goes on the man. What is so freakin wrong with a man wanting to figure things out on his own anyway? That’s what we do. We’re problem solvers. Why do women always have to give input when no one asks for it is a better question. Or why do women always think they’re right about everything? In my experience, it’s women who don’t know when to shut up and listen.

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